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A drop of oil to advance your projects
• Presentation of Products-Applications features 3CProjects adapts the arguments to local color, translates them and shows them to major accounts, distribution networks and prospects. • Benchmarking and Promotion of innovative solutions 3C Projects afford its know-how and contacts network to benchmark and promote new solutions • Information toward prescriptors 3C Projects Informs the prescriptors about technical features of products for which it is mandated. • Technologies - Application - Market Survey 3C Projects ensures mission about development of technologies, application and market with its regular participation to international conference, network information, and many different source of information. • Survey report about evolution of Standards 3C Projects monitors Standards in areas and products where it is in contract. • Market survey 3C Projects provides evidence of market developments to its customers. These materials do not constitute a complete study of the market. • Translation brochure, website The translations are made ​​directly with the formats and the templates available in English. A preliminary verification of compatibility of computer formats is necessary. • Product training 3C Projects provides product training, specific to France in response to local concerns.
• Drawing up of the French technical file 3C Projects, completes, formats, outlines the elements of the technical file for validation by the client. • English to French translation 3C Projects reflects the contractual elements in accordance with standards compliance and professional words. • Projects Coordination 3C Projects ensures the coordinatioin of projects from the draft recommendation to the receipt of operating systems. Each step of the project is defined as specific mission. Benefits may include coordination of authorized subcontractors or direct execution of tasks on site. • Co-operation of innovative solution development 3C Projects provide its battery expertise and sofware skill to tune new system sollutions. • Compliance Certification 3C Projects prepares the certification files and submits to authorities to act. • Approval Process If the certification tests are required, 3C Projects take in charge the choice of laboratory, validates procedures and follows up the proper processing. • Technical Expertise - Trouble Shooting In case of technical trouble, 3C Projects ensure specific diagnostic mission. Preventive expertise of battery park is also practiced. • Performance tests 3C Projects identifies the necessary testing items, makes them available on site, records the test parameters, approves the test results. • After-Sales Support Contact 3C Projects offers contact service for after-sales technical support of projects in France. • Technical training 3C Projects conducts training sessions to clients, prospects and new distributors.
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