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• Technologies and applications market trends survey An essential process to right positioning of its offers on market. 3C Projects provides to its clients a targeted international information, functional and technical, using proven marketing methods. • Diagnosis and identification of market ranges This diagnosis is done on the basis of defined objectives. It is made ​​in the aim of integration in a business plan. • Development of international sales support tools Support tools for sale are now many, from the simple brochure to the website, the SEO, the electronic catalog. Each of them must be considered in light of the targets that we want to achieve. 3C Projects has an expertise for all systems and offers many services as translation, multilanguage web site management, SEO management. • International Sales Network Development 3C Projects can explore options for partnerships with existing business entities in its network in some countries export. • Writing and presentation of arguments products-application Major tool, its design, its content is a centerpiece for the appropriation of products and systems by distribution networks. • Software design, illustration, product selection Reactivity is a constant in our business this type of tool has become a prerequisite. 3C Projects develops such applications. • Product/Market data-base management Simple CRM tools, or others more complex business intelligence solutions are available. The selection and formatting of the tools require thoughtful consideration to ensure a cost suitable for use and reading results directly operational. 3CProjects conducts such reflection. • Product Training The export development is accompanied by a product and application training to local sales force and major targeted accounts. This step should not be neglected; it builds confidence in the systems and helps to eliminate a lot of misunderstanding that can cost a lot as collateral. 3C Projects uses training modules adapted to different interlocutors.
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• Partnership approach to prescriptions drawing up The integration of technical and functional benefits of systems in the specification of supply is a key to successfully differentiate themselves from trite solutions with low reliability that competitors can offer. 3CProjects approach the deciders to highlight the most technological. • International Standards compliance analysis Decoding specifications international tenders, the search for equivalence standards, eventual testing prospective, are an important step in the export process. Repulsive in appearance, an expert reading, often shows that products which were called non-standard are in fact conform to required specifications and can find opportunities once thought impossible. The missions of analysis can be performed by 3C Projects on their areas of competence. • English writing technical documents Technical translation from French to English uses many professional words, with special meaning from one language to another. As an example the French word "pile" translates into English language by primary battery or battery. A similar French word "batterie", the translation is secondary battery or rechargeable battery. Closer word different meaning. 3C Projects has the practice of the international language for standby power systems, renewable energies and electric mobilities business. • International Network Contact The local contacts for export development are essential. Their choice is decisive for the durability of the trade. 3C Projects through its connections, proposes to link the profiles best suited to men and objectives
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