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Confidentiality Confidentiality is an essential rule for the perpetuation of 3C Projects, as such it is the foundation of the company. This is the starting point of any relationship of trust, it is extremely important in an environment as specialized as backup energy and electric mobility areas. 3Cprojects provides solutions from his own knowledge with appropriate methods. Any manufacturing process, partnership agreement, other sensitive information which may be known by Claude Campion remains the property of its respective clients. Commitment The compliance is a must for 3C Projects, this is the backbone of its business. A contract for the consulting service ensures the conformity of execution of missions .
Global Support ● Flexibility: speed in decision-making is the advantage of any light structure. ● Independent diagnosis: 3C Projects funds are owned by the company founder. There is no partnership with a manufacturer, integrator or other market participant. The interests of its customers are the dependencies under which 3C Projects is subordinated. ● Intercultural approach: this is a true relationship facilitator that 3C projects provides to its customers. ● Knowledge of applications and international standards: a key point to supply the right proposals in order to transform them in success ● Technical English: A specialty that avoids many of misunderstanding ● International contact network: it is one of the strengths of 3C Projects. This is the result of mutual cooperation over many years. ● Location near a node of communication: 20 minutes of the 2 main Paris airports, connecting to all Parisian railway stations, direct access to highways. Local Support ● Availability: Short trip to visit clients and sites, ● Language advantage: direct contact to any projects participant is possible. ● Knowledge of local practices: anticipation and appropriate approach. ● Nearby places of decision and execution of projects: Clichy is 15 minutes from La Defense, a leading French decision place. ● Presence Expert: direct response to project players, fast moving for expertise. ● Local Contacts: knowledge of the main French actors
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