International Expertise
The differences appear in the language, of course, in the forms of politeness, in the cooking traditions. They also exist in our business where standards, climatic constraints, trade regulations, local customs are all things that make each country, each region, be approached in a different way each time. My career has given me the chance to work and get around in many countries. I make available the result of these experiments to my clients in the missions they assign me. The main countries with which I had cross-cultural exchanges are:
• Asia : Pakistan ◊ India ◊ Thailand ◊ Malaysia ◊ Indonesia ◊ Singapore ◊ Philippines ◊ Hong Kong ◊ China • Middle East : Gulf ◊ Egypt ◊ Israel ◊ Yemen • Africa: Ivory Coast ◊ Senegal ◊ South Africal • Maghreb : Morocco ◊ Algeria ◊ Tunisia • Europe : EU ◊ Turkey • North America : USA ◊ Canada The main international standards to which I refered are: IEC, EN, DIN, BS, NF, IEEE, JIS, ISO
Our world seems to be increasingly common. We meet the same international standards of a major across the planet. This is undoubtedly tip of the iceberg. If one delves into the daily trade with neighboring countries or further afield, this quickly reveals that we have much to learn from each other, to communicate in a way closer, more inclusive.
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