A pplication
3 Li2CO3 + 2 Fe(NO3)3 --> 6 LiNO3 + Fe2(CO3)3
S ystems
There are many applications that operate with off-grid power supply or with emergency power supply. Each one has its particularities, its standards and its own operating conditions. Through his experiments, monitoring the many changes, 3C Projects is able to offer sound advice for the following: Standby Power Systems: • UPS • Telecom • Production and Transport of Energy • Transportation Signaling • Emergency Lighting • Alarm Renewable Energies: • Photovoltaic farm • Flywheel field • Hydraulic Plant • Hybrid Micro Plant • Micro-Grid System • Telecom Isolated Site Electrical Mobility: • EV • Forklift • Stacker • Pallet truck • Clean & Scrub • Scissor Lift • Wheelchair • Electric Scooter • Electric Bike • Electric Boat • Golf Caddy
Technical Expertise
Standby Power Systems, Renewable Energy Storage Solutions and Electric Vehicles run under several physical laws which are mainly electrochemistry, electricity, electronics, thermodynamics and mechanics. An understanding of these laws and their interactions is imperative to define the best integration solution in terms of dimensional requirements, energy, economic and also functional. 3C Projects brings this expertise to the following systems: Rechargeable Batteries: • PbPbO2 • NiCd • NiMH • Li-Ion • LiPo • Ultracapacitor • Fuel cells DC Power Systems: • Thyristor rectifier. • Digital control via DSP • High Frequency • Micro switch • Multi profiles Monitoring Systems: • Batteries • Standby Power Systems • Battery Charging Facility Installation arrangements: • Racks • Cabinets • Container • Trays
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