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  Electric Mobility
3 Competencies
Technical        Competency
Marketing       Competency
International   Competency
    Renewable Energies
   Standby Power Systems
3C Projects
- Electrabel (ENGIE - Belgium)
Battery operation yearly survey
- EDF R&D (French Power Utilities)
Marketing appreciation of battery management concept
Battery technology & market specific survey
- Orange (Telecom)
Battery technology & market specific survey
Lithium battery system operation and ageing evaluation
BMS for lithium batteries development support
- SNCF (French Railways)
Battery technology specific survey
Specific battery management system development support
PV Off-Grid signaling application development support
Battery training lessons
- Bayonne & Biarritz cities
Electrical Bus tender and offer analysis support
- Others
Process and opportunities for recycling used batteries in Africa reporting
DC/DC specific converter tendering support
Frequent participations at international conferences linked to energy storage
Exide Transportation
Development of European data-base supporting technical knowledge and sales reporting.
Direct marketing, e-catalogs
Market research, AGM technology, Electric Vehicles.
European coordination of EDI
Exide Industrial
Technical Support for export sales development in, Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa, Turkey
Technical management of After Sales for Europe
Marketing Development  of chargers, monitoring, racks
Development of software for sales force support
Market research, fuel cells, home flywheel, ultracapacitor.
Sulzer Pump
Installation and commissioning of feed water pumps unit for 900MW et 1300 MW  French nuclear power plants.
Export installation in Serbia, Morocco, Senegal, Belgium.
Development of prototype pumps for submarines.
Who is 3C Projects?
3C Projects, is a desire, a man. Claude Campion.
3C Projects, is the combination of 3 ideas.
- Act Local - Support foreign companies in projects in France.
- Be Global - Accompany French companies in the development of export projects.                                
- Compose Intra - To give the different customers the concrete knowledge of specific solutions for the realization of innovative projects as well as the optimization of existing solutions.
3C Projects, these are skills acquired during 35 years of experience in technical & international business with connecting and innovating responsibilities.

Why 3C Projects?
The market globalization, the new technologies of information and communication involve a new way of working for industrial and commercial companies. This is true for small enterprises as well as for large international groups.
The immediacy and the plurality of information through the Internet, the new market opportunities with the removal of customs barriers are main positive points. In exchange the competition is intensifying. That means reactivity and competency are more than ever the two essential pillars of any successful business.
To answer to these new requirements, Claude Campion, founder of 3C Projects, proposes to provide innovative solutions, expert and flexible, in his competency fields which are Standby Power Systems, Renewable Energies and Electric Vehicles.
"Technical and marketing skills acquired during 35 years of International professional experiences, with open mind, rigor and  creativity, allow me today, to offer services as independent consultant to the most demanding companies."
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